Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Concrete and Clay by Unit 4 + 2

We haven't added to our blog for a while and whilst trawling through the internet for concrete related topics to write about, we came across the following:

From a band with an unusual name (Unit 4 + 2), the equally unusually named single "Concrete and Clay" was a #1 hit in the UK in 1969.


For those who aren't old enough to remember the song, the lyrics are as follows:
You to me
Are sweet as roses in the morning
And you to me
Are soft as summer rain at dawn, in love we share
That something rare


The sidewalks in the street

The concrete and the clay beneath my feet

Begins to crumble

But love will never die

Because we'll see the mountains tumble

Before we say goodbye

My love and I will be

In love eternally

That's the way

Mmm, that's the way it's meant to be

All around
I see the purple shades of evening
And on the ground
The shadows fall and once again you're in my arms
So tenderly

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

And that's the way
That's the way it's meant to be

That's the way

Whoa, that's the way
That's the way it's meant to be

Driveway Repairs

As you can see from the lyrics, the sidewalk within the song was clearly not installed by Northern Cobblestone - otherwise it wouldn't be starting to crumble!

If however, you have a deteriorated pattern imprinted concrete driveway, path or patio installed by another company, we may be able to help.

We offer pattern imprinted concrete repair, refurbishment and resealing services, restoring your installation to a high standard, without the need to start all over again.

Why not give us a call for a quote?

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