Monday, 24 February 2014

World's Tallest Staircase

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The world’s tallest staircase (or longest stairway if you prefer) is located in the Swiss Alps, laid into the hillside of the Niesen Mountain, a name which literally translates as ‘sneeze’ in German - perhaps because its unusual pyramid shape resembles a nose?

Starting approximately 693 metres up the 2,362 metre mountain, the staircase comprises of 11,674 steps, which reach a total height of 1,669 metres (5,476 feet).


It was created as a service and maintenance route for engineers and staff working on the Niesenbahn Funicular Railway, which takes visitors to the summit of the mountain to take in its breathtaking views.

The staircase was completed in 1910 and comprised of a variety of wood, metal, stone and concrete steps, themselves maintained and replaced by the staff who manage the railway.

Niesen Staircase Run

In 1990, some bright spark came up with the idea of a race up the stairs and the annual Niesen Staircase Run was born.

Normally off limits, once a year the staircase is opened to the public allowing participants access to the steps, many of which are now protected by a metal staircase overlaying the original.

The fastest runner so far has completed the course in just under one hour!

A Paver's Dream?

Although Northern Cobblestone normally only operate around Lancashire and the wider North West of England, we wouldn't mind the contract to renew the steps in pattern imprinted concrete.

One things for sure though. We won't be running up there. We'll probably wait for the train!

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