Thursday, 23 July 2015

Imprinted Concrete Resealing / Refurbishment - Blackpool, Lancashire

Sometimes, even we at Northern Cobblestone are surprised at how good pattern imprinted concrete can look and how durable it can be when installed correctly.

The photos below show a driveway installed by us over 12 years ago and recently resealed.

Satisfied Customer

Both our Blackpool customer and ourselves were amazed at how good it looked. Like new after 12 years of use and the weather of the Lancashire coast!

You could easily be forgiven for thinking the above driveway in ashlar slate style was laid yesterday.

And all after a quick resealing.

Imprinted Concrete Resealing

As with the initial cost of an imprinted driveway, the cost of resealing is a fraction of the cost of resanding and / or resetting block paving or indian stone.

And barring excessively heavy impact damage or extreme localised subsidence, resealing should be the only maintenance a properly laid pattern imprinted driveway, path or patio should need.

Aside from occasionally sweeping and washing it obviously!

Third Party Repair and Resealing

If you have a stamped concrete driveway installed by a third party that you're not happy with or that is starting to look tired or worn, we may be able to help.

Call us for a quote in the Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster area for pattern imprinted concrete resealing, restoration and repair.

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