Tuesday, 30 April 2013

An Imposing Preston Driveway

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Following on from our previous Lancashire Driveway post, here's another imposing entrance, this time between Preston and Blackburn.

Like Stoneyhurst College, the length of Hoghton Tower's driveway is an impressive half a mile, although records indicate it used to be longer!

The Red Carpet Treatment

Having such a long driveway isn't always a good thing though. In 1617 king James I visited Hoghton Tower, at that time under the care of Baronet Richard Hoghton.

Although already burdened with financial difficulties, Richard was eager to impress the King and keep favour at court, so during the celebration the entire length of this vast driveway was carpeted in a luxurious red velvet.

It is reported that the extravagance of the royal visit nearly bankrupted the family, and indeed within a short space of time Richard Hoghton was jailed at Fleet Prison in relation to his debts.

The family prevailed however and went on to entertain many famous guests including The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Mary and George V, William III, James I, Shakespeare, Dickens and Turner.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Carpet

To get a feel for just how long half a mile is, take a look at this YouTube clip from the annual Hoghton Tower Bike Sprint, in which competitors race up the hill against the clock.

Now imagine that covered in red velvet. It'd probably have been cheaper to get red pattern imprinted concrete installed and certainly much longer lasting and easier to clean!

Perhaps if Wills and Kate visit, we'll call them with a price.

More Preston Driveways

If you live in the area and would like your more modest driveway, garden path or patio finished with stamped concrete, why not take a look at the Northern Cobblestone website for examples of our driveways in Preston and the surrounding area.

Mews cobblestone is more popular, but if you want us to try red velvet, just let us know!

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