Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Ultimate Spring Clean

Yes folks, it looks like it may finally have happened. The great British weather is showing signs of improvement and a long overdue spring may be upon us.

In Lancashire as with many other parts of the country, the bitterly cold and long winter has left us trapped indoors, watching snow cover our gardens and driveways, all the time itching to get out and do all the things we promised we'd do in the New Year!

Better Late Than Never

Cleaning out garages, weeding, planting, painting fences and hanging out washing for the first time are normally more associated with March than May, but at long last homeowners up and down the country are getting to grips with those essential outdoor maintenance tasks.

As people strive to get their garden ready for the hoped for summer, sales of patio furniture, new hoses and lawn feed will rise, along with creosote, fence panels and more.

Paving / Driveway Damage

The cold winter has had a pretty devastating effect on our gardens and yards though. Freezing temperatures over long periods have wreaked havoc on plants, garden buildings and the ground beneath our feet.

Tarmac and flagged paths, patios and driveways are usually susceptible to cracking and sinking as the ground beneath them repeatedly freezes and thaws, but this winter has been worse than many.

Time For Change

If this has been the fate of your paving, perhaps it is time to consider pattern imprinted concrete? Imprinted concrete is fibre enmeshed to give it greater strength, making it up to 25% harder than even standard concrete.

Not only will it improve your property aesthetically, but will last for years to come and provide a safe outdoor surface for the whole family to enjoy.

So if you're tired of looking at a worn out driveway or want somewhere nice for your summer BBQs, give your garden the ultimate spring clean and call Northern Cobblestone about a pattern imprinted concrete patio, driveway and / or path.

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